Flood Status

Red Cedar Locations

LocationFlooded AtCurrent
Kalamazoo St Underpass4 Feet3.54 Feet
Railroad Underpass (between Clippert & Aurelius)4.5 Feet3.54 Feet
Potter Park near Aurelius4.5 Feet3.54 Feet
Most Lower Areas5.75 Feet3.54 Feet

Grand River Locations

LocationFlooded AtCurrent
Railroad Underpass by Island Ave6.5 Feet3.39 Feet
Saginaw Underpass8.5 Feet3.39 Feet
Most Lower Areas10 Feet3.39 Feet

Sycamore Creek Locations

LocationFlooded AtCurrent
I-96 Underpass3.5 Feet3.33 Feet

Current river levels are updated automatically every hour. If users would like to submit observations to the Facebook page, we will continue to update this site to be as accurate as possible and provide information for all of the common flooded areas.