Things To Do

Adado Riverfront Park
Adado Riverfront Park is one of the largest parks downtown and is home to several events throughout the year including Common Ground Music Festival.
Bald Eagle nest
The Lansing River Trail is a great resource for bird enthusiasts and casual observers. Many species, such as red-winged blackbirds, creepers, wood ducks, herons, hawks and bald eagles, can be seen regularly from the trail. Spring 2015 was our first organized bird walk and was attended by around 50 people. Expect more events in the future.
Brenke Fish Ladder
The Brenke Fish Ladder was built in 1981 to help fish swimming up the Grand River pass the dam without injury. The fish ladder is a peaceful place to visit along the river and you can always find fishermen nearby catching catfish, carp, sunfish, and other smaller species of fish that inhabit the Grand River. Please note that fishing within the ladder is not permitted. The best time to see salmon is in the early fall.
Crego Park
Crego Park is one of Lansing's newest parks. With an extension just east of Aurelius Road off the Lansing River Trail and a parking lot off Mt Hope Ave, Crego is easily accessible to everyone. There is a small lake with a kayak lift and boardwalks to enjoy the water and scenery.
Hawk Island Park
Hawk Island County Park is run by the Ingham County Parks Department. It is located on Cavanaugh Street between Pennsylvania Ave and Aurelius Ave. Previously the site of a gravel pit, Hawk Island has been transformed into a wonderful family park with rowboat and pedal boat rental, a swimming beach, picnic areas and shelters, sand volleyball, horseshoes, paved accessible walkways (1.5 miles) and fishing docks and a concession stand.
Impression 5
Impression 5 is a hands-on learning environment that challenges its visitors to experience, discover, and explore the world in which they live. Impression 5 achieves this by producing hands-on exhibits and participatory programs.
Kayakers on the Red Cedar River
There are several excellent locations to put your kayak or canoe in either the Red Cedar River or the Grand River. Kruger Landing at Aurelius Road is a popular spot and Crego Park is a great place to paddle around a small lake. Crego also offers assisted entry with its kayak/canoe lift.
Downtown Lansing
With close to 50 restaurants and bars, such as the Nuthouse, Troppo, Tavern on the Square and the Envie, as well as 3 colleges, the Lansing Lugnuts and starting in the spring of 2019, the professional soccer team, Lansing Ignite, Downtown Lansing has more to offer than ever before.
Maguire Park
Maguire Park was the southern entrance to the river trail until the south extension and the Sycamore Creek trail were added. There is playground equipment, a pavilion and generally ample parking.
LUVS show at Moores Park
Moores Park is accessed via the Moores Park extension that takes you through REO Town. It sits across the river from the iconic smokestacks, locally known as Wynken, Blynken, and Nod. There is a public pool, tennis courts, playground equipment, pavilion and plenty of parking.
Old Town
Old Town is an eclectic collection of shops, galleries and restaurants. Throughout the summer, there are numerous festivals and special events going on. Check the web site, for more details.
Potter Park Zoo
The Zoo encompasses over 20 acres and features more than 500 individual animals representing approximately 160 different species. As an accredited member of the Association of Zoos and Aquariums (AZA) and participant in its Species Survival Plan (SSP) programs, we are committed to the preservation of endangered animals and are actively developing strategies that will help protect species and preserve their wild habitats. Through education, conservation, research and recreation, Potter Park Zoo provides a wonderfully wild experience for students and families.
REO Town Pub
REO Town is Lansing's oldest settlement, the site of the original home of the REO Motor Car Company, and a reinvigorated commericial district. REO Town is a thriving community where people meet to create, experience, and share art.
Scott Woods
Scott Woods sits north of Hawk Island County Park and is one of the best places for wildlife viewing. It's also very shady so it's a great place to go on a hot summer afternoon.
Turner Dodge Mansion
James Turner built this home in 1858. From 1900 to 1903, his daughter Abby and son-in-law Frank Dodge expanded the home. The expansion included a first floor kitchen, additional bedrooms to the second floor, and a third floor Ballroom.
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