Clippert St Parking Lot
The Clippert St parking lot is at the southern end of Clippert St. It is a good place to start to see the more scenic parts of the LRT or to travel into MSU. There is also a nearby parking lot by Municipal baseball field at the corner of Clippert and Kala
Hawk Island Parking
There is a per vehicle entrance fee of $3 for residents and $5 for non-residents at all times. Annual passes are available for $30 for Ingham County residents and $40 for non-Ingham County residents. Annual passes are available at the gatehouse.
Kruger Landing - Aurelius Rd
Kruger Landing is a great central parking location and a good place to launch a canoe or kayak. On the south side of the river at Aurelius Rd
Lot 56 / Cesar Chavez Plaza
At the intersection of Turner St and Grand River Ave in Old Town. Accessible entrance to the Lansing River Trail.
Maguire Park
Parking lot for Maguire Park. Enter off Aurelius Road.
Moores Park parking lot
Parking at the western end of the park right off the River Trail. Generally ample parking for those that want to check our REO Town and the Moores Park extension which connects to the main trail about 1.5 miles to the east.
Oakland Ave Parking Lot
On the north side of Oakland Avenue. Great place to park to visit the children's playground right there.
Potter Park parking lot
This is an Ingham County Parking Lot and has small fees associated with parking here. A great place in the middle of the trail to explore many areas.
Saginaw St Parking Lot
On the north side of Saginaw St and east side of the river
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