Old railroad bridge on the Lansing River Trail in downtown Lansing

Rehabilitation Work Continues on the Lansing River Trail

Updates 5/13/2021

Bridge 09 (between Moores Park and Eckert Power Station): The last section of bridge is currently being blasted and painted. Timber decking to follow: This bridge remains closed.


Bridge 14 west of Pennsylvania Avenue and Potter Park: The contractor has replaced railing and approximately 70 percent of the timber decking. Structural steel is being welded in place. Decking and structural steel elements are expected to continue next week.


Lansing River Trail construction

Bridge 15 over Pennsylavania Avenue at Potter Park: The contractor will begin work on bridge on Wednesday, May 19th. This phase of the project requires lane closures and road closures. A press release detailing the closures and detour will be released Friday or Monday.


Bridge 21: The tab the contractor has submitted a schedule that completes installation of the bridge at the end of November 2021. Paving of the approaches is anticipated early Spring. We are reviewing the schedule to make sure it meets all permitting requirements.


Bear Lake Pathway: Contractor is currently working on the south side of Tammany Hills Apartments constructing the connection between the pathway and Staten Avenue (picture below).


The contractor is also working at Wabash leveling the grade.


Lansing River Trail construction

Eastside Connector - east west pathway north of Shiawassee between Pennsylvania Avenue and Marshall Avenue

The contractor has made significant progress since the last posting and expects to pave portions of the path next Wednesday May 19th.

Widened Sidewalk on the south side of Saginaw between Marshall and Clemens


Lansing River Trail construction

Sidewalk connection to residences


Lansing River Trail construction

Sidewalk connection to playground from the pathway split at Fernwood/Clemens and North/South Path to Saginaw


Lansing River Trail construction

Topsoil removed at Marshall Park for the pathway from the parking lot to Marshall


Updates 4/30/2021

Bridge 09 (between Moores Park and Eckert Power Station): The bridge is currently being blasted and primed for final painting. Final painting is expected to begin next week. This bridge remains closed.

Bridge 14 west of Pennsylvania Avenue and Potter Park: Steel delivery is anticipated earlier than expected. Crews may mobilize back to this site early next week. This bridge remains closed and a detour is posted.

Bridge 21: A pre-construction meeting has been held to go over construction schedule. The contractor’s schedule did not meet specific time constraints and is being revised. Due to steel fabrication and delivery times, the installation of the bridge is pushed back and will be installed and expected to reopen some time in December. Due to this, the approach pavement and anticipated pavement damaged due to construction activities will not be replaced/repaired until 2022. However, the trail will remain open as an aggregate trail after December until the weather permits paving and asphalt crews are available.

Eastside Connector (east west pathway north of Shiawassee between Pennsylvania Avenue and Marshall Avenue): The contractor has continued earth removals and placement of aggregate along the south end of the Lansing School District Property and north of Sparrow Hospital. The crew will mobilize to another area of the project soon to allow a different contractor time to complete installation of underground utilities before returning to complete the path’s connection to Marshall Avenue.

Soil Stabilization Projects: City Staff met on site with the contractor to go over the Moores River Drive, LBWL and Washington Avenue projects to determine items still requiring work before the project can be closed out. It was determined Moores River Drive has been satisfactorily completed. However, items remain at the other two locations:

  • LBWL Yard (west of Penn and south of Hazel): The live stake plants did not survive the winter and the contractor will return to replace the plants.
  • Washington (south of Malcom X and east of Washington): Paving west of Washington and replacing of the live stake plantings remain. This will require a closure of the pathway during pavement removal and paving. More information forthcoming on the schedule of this closure.

Bear Lake Pathway: Contractor is expected to be on site next week to continue earthwork near the Beekman Center.

Updates 4/12/2021

Road Projects impacting the Rivertrail:

  • North Grand River Bridge north of Willow: This project is currently underway and is in cooperation with MDOT. The Bridge will be rehabilitated and includes upgrades to improve the street level crossing. The trail and Dietrich Park are currently closed.
  • Aurelius Road Bridge north of Mt Hope: River Trail Access under the bridge will be maintained throughout the project. However, the pathways north and south adjacent the roadway are closed. Access to Krueger’s Landing will close starting in June.

Bridge Replacement/Rehabilitation Projects:

  • Bridge 14 just west of Penn and pedestrian overpass near Potter Park: Scheduled to close April 20 and anticipated to reopen May 15
  • Bridge 15: Pedestrian overpass at Potter Park and Pennsylvania Ave: This bridge is scheduled to be closed for this week and reopen June 4. A detour has been posted.
  • Bridge 13 just west of Penn near LBWL’s yard: 1 day rail repair scheduled for April 20
  • Bridge 09 (Bridge between Ekhart Power Station and Moores Park over the Grand River): The bridge is currently closed and all deck boards have been removed. This bridge is scheduled to reopen July 28.
  • Bridge 31 (under Cesar Chavez Bridge in Old Town: Scheduled to close July 29 and reopen August 23
  • Bridge 18 (Bridge just east of Kreugers Landing): scheduled to close August 2 and reopen October 26
  • Bridge 21 far east bridge east of Crego Park: (schedule has not been approved yet but construction late summer early fall).

Pathway Projects:

  • Eastside Connector: Path from Penn/Shiawassee east to Marshall then north to Saginaw then east and south to Fernwood and Clemens intersection: Contractor intends on starting April 19
  • Grand Avenue path extension North to Oakland: Currently looking to amend a contract for the work. If approved the work will start sometime late spring early summer
  • Bear Lake Pathway: Contractor mobilized to the site today, June 12, and will resume construction this week. This path continues the south Lansing Pathway north to Forest Road
  • Forest Road Pathway (between US-127 and Harrison) Bike lanes will also be installed on Collins Road from South of Forest/Collins to Dunckel Road. The first phase of the project is currently out for bids. The second phase of the project is anticipated to be bid in June.

Future Trail projects:

  • Six additional Rivertrail Bridges are being evaluated for rehabilitation needs and will be bid for 2022 construction season.
  • The Public Service Department is working on applications for two additional pathways for 2022 or 2023 construction. These are in the vicinity of the Bear Lake pathway and the Forest Road Pathway.

Updates 11/20/2020

Projects are wrapping up for the season. Moores River Drive is almost complete and is expected to finish Monday, November 23. Washington Avenue and LBWL yard are complete with exception of minor punch list items. The contractors working at the bridge and soil stabilization areas near the LBWL yard off Pennsylvania and Hazel Street and at the Washington Avenue location expect to be complete and any closures removed by next week Wednesday November 25. Bridge 09 is complete for the construction season.

All remaining projects will be constructed through next year’s construction season with some minor work this winter that will not impact trail use. The remaining locations are:

  • Bridge 09 located between Moores Park and Echert Power Station: deck repairs
  • Bridge 14 and 15 located just west of Potter Park Zoo entrance: have not started with exception of approach paving work that has been completed
  • Bridge 31 and 18: Located in Old Town and west of Krueger’s Landing: Work has not started

Lansing River Trail construction

Updates 09/18/2020

Bridge Rehabilitation/replacement projects: The low bidder has been awarded the contract and is ordering materials in preparation for construction at bridge 09 located across the Grand River at Moores Park. Further updates will be provided as to when the contractor will mobilize to the site.

Bridge 21: Final plans are currently being reviewed and will be bid later this fall: This bridge, located just southeast of Clippert Street, will be replaced.

Sewer Lining along the River Trail: the city is currently working on lining the largest sewer maintained by the city. It is located in Old Town and portions of the pipe run along or near the River Trail. The lining will increase the integrity and life of the system while also minimizing impacts to the residents and businesses in the area. Work is expected to continue late into the fall.

Lansing River Trail constructionLansing River Trail construction

Updates 08/29/2020

Moores River Drive: The contractor intends on mobilizing back to Moores River Drive to begin installing sheet piles along the river’s bank beginning September first. Scheduled construction is expected to last approximately 3 months. During this time, Moores River Drive will be closed to pedestrians and vehicle traffic between Mt Hope Avenue and Westgate Road. Detours will be posted.

Bridge Repair/Replacement: The project contract securing construction services is expected to be signed and executed in the next two weeks with construction to start shortly afterward. Actual construction schedule has not been finalized but work is expected to begin at Bridge 9 (Bridge from Moores Park to Eckert power station) and proceed to bridges 13,14 and 15 (located from Potter Park Zoo west). Bridges 31 and 18 will be worked on next year. However, some work at Bridge 31 (under Cesar Chavez Avenue) could still take place yet this fall and into the winter. More updates on these projects will follow in the coming weeks as the progress schedule is finalized.

River Trail/pathway projects in the works:

Bridge 21: Bridge 21, located SW of Clippert Street, design is complete and under final review before advertising for bid. Bid is anticipated late fall in expectations that the city will receive better prices. The bridge will be constructed in August of 2021 to comply with environmental permitting requirements.

2021 Bridge Rehab: There is a project in the works to rehabilitate 6 more bridges along the River Trail network. The majority of this work includes timber deck replacement. This project is not under design as of yet and I will provide more details as I am made aware by the Project Engineer.

Bear Lake Pathway: Path extension from Cavanaugh Road north to Forest Road. This pathway is designed and being advertised in cooperation with MDOT. Construction is expected to start spring of 2021.

Forest Road Pathway: Path extension from Bear Lake pathway at terminus at Forest Road east to Forest/Collins Road then north along Forest Road to Harrison Road. This project is currently in the design phase. Construction is planned for 2021, 2021 or both. This project will likely be in two phases as there is significant coordination needed between the city, businesses, and MDOT.

Collins/Forest Road Commuter Connection (still trying to find a good name): This project is a combined pathway/on-street facility that is in the conceptual stage at this time. The city and stakeholders are working out details with respect to final alignment, etc. If everything aligns, this could be constructed in 2021. The link would extend from Jolly Road north to Harrison Road.

Fenner Pathway: This pathway will connect the existing River Trail terminus at Aurelius Road and Mt Hope Avenue with the Bear Lake Pathway terminus at Forest Road. Environmental reviews have been completed. This trail may be constructed with city staff.

River Trail Extension – Saginaw to Oakland: Funding was recently secured for this extension which parallels Grand Avenue. The city may do this project entirely in-house.

Projects on Hold

Forest Akers Path: (along US127/I-496 between Forest Road and Mt Hope Avenue) Awaiting status of other projects in vicinity to coordinate design/construction.

Updates 07/29/2020

The contractor is almost complete with the work at the River Trail behind the LBWL Yard off Hazel and Pennsylvania Avenue. The contractor expects to pave this Saturday, August 1, as long as weather permits. The pathway is expected to reopen August 3rd. Some minor restoration activities are expected to occur Monday. Please use caution when traveling through the area as you may encounter a worker.

The contractor anticipates mobilizing to the Moores River soil stabilization project (located west of the Frances Park lot on Moores River Drive) as early as Tuesday next week to perform tree and brush clearing activities ahead of planned sheet piling and rip rap planned for this area. During the initial phase, Moores River Drive will remain open. We will provide additional information once activities require the full closure of Moores River Drive to both pedestrian and vehicular traffic. There is minimal area outside the roadway within the work zone for staging of material and equipment and thus requires a full closure and detours to allow for staging.

Bridge rehabilitation and replacement projects: we received bids last week and expect to know if our request for approval/recommendation is approved by the end of August. We will post additional information once we know if we are given approval to proceed with these projects. Please keep in mind, this work will result in the full closure of the River Trail at the 4 locations described below. This is not necessarily the order in which the work will be done.

  1. Bridge 09 (bridge from Moores Park to Eckert Power Station)
  2. Bridges 13,14 and 15 (bridge over Pennsylvania Avenue at Potter Park and and the next two bridges west) this will result in a similar closure that is currently at the BWL yard.
  3. Bridge 18 (bridge just east of Kruger’s Landing)
  4. Bridge 31 (bridge under Cesar Chavez Avenue)

These closures cannot be avoided as the contractor will be replacing deck boards, structural beams and structural concrete at locations 1 and 2. Locations 3 and 4 require removal and replacement of bridge spans. Bridges 18 and 31 will likely occur next construction season.

Bridge 21 (first bridge southwest of Clippert Street): This bridge has been fully designed and is at the final review stage prior to bidding. We have received all our permits needed for this project and anticipate bidding this fall for construction next season. This bridge was originally intended for fall 2020 construction but recent bids have come in higher than anticipated. Some of this is due to logistics and some is likely due to the time of year that bids were put out. In either event, we felt it was in the best interest to bid this fall in expectation that that process will be better. Because of our permit requirements, the bridge construction cannot start until late summer when water levels are at its lowest.

Updates 06/24/2020

Washington Soil Stabilization

This project is near completion. The riverbank has been stabilized, HMA replaced and the timber fence is being placed today. The project is expected to be complete tomorrow with minor restoration and potential fence items to follow.

BWL Yard – the contractor anticipates mobilizing to the BWL Yard location (west of Pennsylvania and Potter Park Zoo) Thursday, June 25. Trail users will be required to use the posted detour as the trail will be closed between Beech Street and Pennsylvania Avenue and is anticipated to remain closed through mid-August. Work includes bank stabilization utilizing rip rap and gabion baskets.

Moores River Drive bank stabilization

This phase has not started. However, the contractor anticipates mobilizing to this location to clear brush and trees after clearing the BWL Yard. Further updates on progress will be provided in upcoming status updates.

Bridge Projects

The bid package has been completed and will be posted this week. Bid opening is July 16th with an anticipated award date of mid-August.

Updates 06/03/2020

This year the projects have been broken out into 2 projects with multiple projects within the two. The first projects are the soil stabilization projects. There are three locations where the riverbank has eroded and is causing the trail to fail. The locations are:

  1. South of 496 on the west side of Washington under and west of the bridge on the south side of the bank (AKA Washington Soil Stabilization).
  2. West of Pennsylvania Avenue adjacent the BWL storage yard (AKA BWL Yard)
  3. Moores River Drive west of the Frances Roadside Park (AKA Moores River Drive)

All three projects listed above have been awarded to a contractor for construction. The tentative start date is June 13 beginning at location 1 above. This date has moved frequently as of late due to logistics in receiving certain materials required to complete the project. Further updates will be provided as necessary.

The second projects are bridge rehabilitation/replacement projects and include the following:

  • Bridge 9: Moores Park bridge crossing over the Grand River. Work involves repairs to the abutments, railings and deck boards. Moores River Drive will be closed while the work is being conducted.
  • Bridges 13, 14 and 15: These three bridges begin at the pedestrian bridge over Pennsylvania Avenue at Potter Park Zoo and head west to the bridge adjacent the soil stabilization project at BWL yard.
  • Bridge 18: This is the bridge just east of Krueger’s Landing (East of Aurelius Road). This bridge is being replaced and realigned.
  • Bridge 31: This is the bridge in Old Town under Cesar Chavez. Work includes replacement of the span under Cesar Chavez, deck repair, railing repair and approach repair. Bridge 31 will require a short closure of Cesar Chavez to place the span.

We hope to bid the bridge projects in the next couple weeks with a start date shortly thereafter. More info will be provided once the project has been awarded.

If time permits, we will bid and construct another bridge project, bridge 21, late this summer. Bridge 21 is along the Red Cedar River and is the last city bridge prior to entering MSU/East Lansing jurisdiction. We are working on permits with EGLE (formerly MDEQ). Mussel Studies are scheduled mid-June.

Updates 01/24/2020

Soil Stabilization Projects

The city has awarded the construction phase of their soil stabilization projects and intends on having a preconstruction meeting with the contractor soon. This meeting will go over schedule, discuss trail events, safety etc. Further information will be provided once we have received and approved the construction schedule. The work construction locations are as follows:

  • Moores River Drive west of the park parking lot: work includes steel sheet piling and stone rip rap to stabilize the riverbank in sections where the slope is sloughing. Pavement and railing repairs will also be done in conjunction with the stabilization of the riverbank
  • BWL Yard west of Pennsylvania Avenue: a section of riverbank at the concrete approach to the timber bridge north of the railroad tracks and west of the LBWL yard is failing. Work will include the installation of gabion baskets (stone set in wire mesh) along the riverbank and fill beneath the concrete approach
  • Washington Avenue bridge south of I-496 south side of the Grand River: work includes installation of gabion baskets, rip-rap and trail repairs

Bridge Rehabilitation/Replacement projects

Design is currently underway for six bridges throughout the Rivertrail system. Five bridges are rehabilitations and one bridge is complete replacement. The project has conducted a mussel survey and no endangered mussels were present. The city and their consultant are currently working with the state to obtain the necessary permits for construction in the floodplain. The city’s goal is to complete design, secure all permits, bid and complete as many of these projects this year as possible. Bridge locations are as follows:

Rehabilitation projects

  • Bridge 9: Located over the Grand River between Moores Park and the BWL power plant
  • Bridge 13 and 14: Located along the Red Cedar River just west of Pennsylvania Avenue
  • Bridge 15: Pedestrian bridge over Pennsylvania Avenue at Potter Park
  • Bridge 31: Bridge under Cesar Chavez Avenue

Replacement project

  • Bridge 18: Located along the Red Cedar River east of Aurelius Road
  • Bridge 21: Located over the Red Cedar River between the 2 railroad underpasses - Preliminary designs are complete. We are working with BWL on the appropriate access points to get across the river. Once we have identified the most practical and economical access route we will incorporate the requirements for a mussel survey in the bid or conduct the survey with a separate bid and run it in conjunction with the construction. We are approximately 70 percent complete with the design. Recent spikes in the cost of asphalt are making it difficult to predict the paving schedule on either side of the bridge at this time.

Updates 04/12/2019

North Stairs (adjacent the Lansing Center)

The light standard and wiring have been installed at the Lansing Center stairs. The Globe will be installed at a later date.

South Stairs (Michigan Ave over the Grand River)

work on the spiral stairs is scheduled to begin Monday, April 15. Work the week of April 15 will consist of field measurement, some removals with welding following later in the week to begin preparing the base for the spiral stairs. The spiral stairs is anticipated to be set Wednesday, April 24.

Bridge 16

The contractor is currently placing riprap and should be completed today (Monday, April 12). The contractor will then begin preparing the subgrade for paving from Bridge 16 to the east and will include the short connection from the trail to Aurelius Road. This work is anticipated to be completed April 19.

Bridge 16 on the Lansing River Trail under construction

East of Bridge 16

Paving the entire remaining section from Bridge 16 to the east is anticipated the week of April 22 – 24 (weather dependent).

Punch list items

Once paving is complete, the city and the contractor will walk the construction limits and identify any remaining issues that need to be addressed.

Updates 02/08/2019

South Stairs

The contractor continues to work on fabricating the spiral stair (see attached photos). Fabrication and Delivery of the stairs for installation are expected early April.

Stairs for the Lansing River Trail under construction

North Stairs

Fabrication of the light standard that will be placed between the inside rails of the north stairs by the Lansing Center expected to be completed soon and delivered to the contractor by the end of February.

Bridge 16 by Potter Park

The contractor is waiting for delivery of the aluminum culverts that are being fabricated. Delivery is expected next week. Assuming weather is favorable and water levels low enough, the contractor will begin installing the culverts upon delivery. Bridge 16 will remain closed until the approach slab, aggregate base, rip rap and asphalt are placed.

Updates 12/21/2018

Bridge 16 by Potter Park

abutment has been poured; the last span has been set and the contractor is currently attaching the spans together. Bridge 16 remains closed.

River trail under construction

North Stairs at Lansing Center

the stairs have been installed and the contractor is opening the stairs through the holidays. Lighting and electrical work remain.

River trail under construction

Updates 12/11/2018

Elm Street Soil stabilization (Adjacent GM)

The contractor completed the final assembly of the safety railing and the pathway is open for use. The contractor will remobilize early spring to complete the paving, aggregate shoulders and restoration.

River trail under construction

Bridge 20 (East of Crego Park):

The approach railings are complete and the bridge has been installed. The contractor will backfill the excavation areas adjacent the bridge and make ready to reopen the bridge for temporary use. The contractor will remobilize this spring to complete joint work.

River trail under construction River trail under construction

Bridge 16 at Potter Park over the Red Cedar River

The contractor has completed installing the helical anchors and rebar for the bridge abutment. Framing the abutment in preparation of concrete pouring is underway. The abutment is expected to be complete December 13. The final span and landing will be set in place between December 14 and December 21.

River trail under construction

North Stairs at Lansing Center

The Contractor has completed chipping the concrete and removing the stairs. Concrete patching is underway. The stair is currently scheduled to reopen December 18.

River trail under construction

Updates 11/30/2018

The cold Weather has arrived and has changed paving schedules considerably. However, work does continue. Below is a status update:

Elm Street soil stabilization ( Trail adjacent GM) is currently being base paved today. The shoulders will be graveled and fence installed within the next two weeks. Once the railing is complete, the contractor will make sure the area is traversable and will then remobilize in the spring to final pave, place additional shoulder aggregate and restore the area. The final pavement (leveling course) cannot be placed due to temperature constraints and HMA layer thickness.

Bridge 16 span placement is ongoing. Two spans have been placed and a third span is expected to arrive early afternoon and will be placed today. The 100 foot span is scheduled to arrive December fourth and will not be placed until the abutment on the southwest side of the river has been constructed in place. Once the landings and the 100 foot span is in place the contractor will fine grade the aggregate between Aurelius Road and the bridge to make the path traversable during the winter but paving will not commence until next spring at the earliest.

Bridge 20: The bridge span has been installed and bridge rails placed. The contractor is working on the approach railings now and is placing the final posts today. Once the foundations for the posts have been installed and concrete cured for a few days the contractor will begin setting the wood railings. Joint work and plates at the abutments have yet to be installed.

Rivertrail Rehabilitation: Due to the falling temperatures there is too much frost in the base to provide a quality paving product and the paving has been held off until next spring. The areas that will remain aggregate are a section from Aurelius Road to the abutment at Bridge 16 and from the east end of the bridge located just east of Krueger’s Landing to a point approximately 1200 feet east. The section at Krueger’s landing has been base paved and may not be final paved until after August due to wildlife protection concerns.

Miscellaneous work: There are punch list items that need to be addressed along the project limits. Once there is substantial completion the contractor, our inspector and city staff will conduct a walkthrough to identify corrections that need attention.

River trail under construction River trail under construction

Updates 10/25/2018

Bridge 16 at Potter Park over the Red Cedar River: The remaining span, over the river, has been removed. The contractor is preparing to drive new piles for the new bridge alignment today (subject to equipment arrival).

Bridge 20 just east of CN railroad: The new bridge is scheduled to arrive, in multiple sections, November 6th. The existing bridge will be removed the same day.

Rivertrail Pavement Rehabilitation: all crushing and removals of existing pavement have been completed between Bridge 18, just east of Kreugers Landing and the eastern limits. The construction crews are grading the crushed HMA in preparation of HMA base and leveling courses. Pavement removals between the Rivertrail access from Kreuger’s Landing east to Bridge 18 remain. Grading work is expected to be completed by Friday, November 2nd. Paving is weather dependent and could occur as early as late next week.

Construction of the bridge will likely delay paving portions of the Rivertrail from Bridge 16 at Potter Park to Kreuger’s Landing until next spring.

Elm Street Soil Stabilization (Adjacent GM): The contractor is conducting a pull test today, October 25, to determine if the anchors that will be used to tie back the sheet pile wall will be accepted. If the test passes, the contractor can begin installation of the sheet pile.

Updates 10/17/2018

River trail under construction

The River Trail between Aurelius road and the east limits is currently being crushed and shaped. This is expected to last approximately one week. As long as the weather is favorable, the trail will be repaved the following week.

Once paving is completed, the contractor will then remove bridge 20 located just east of the CN railroad bridge.

The River Trail remains closed to the public along the Red Cedar River from east of Potter Park Zoo to the east city limits.

All but the last span over the Red Cedar has been removed. The contractor is cutting and stabilizing the soil to prepare a matt to support the 200 ton capacity crane schedule for early next week. The crane will be used to remove the last span. All prefabricated bridge sections are scheduled to arrive by mid-November.

Updates 10/8/2018

River Trail rehab announcement

The City of Lansing Public Service Department announces that rehabilitation work along the River Trail funded by the Ingham County Parks & Trails millage has progressed to the next phase of work between Potter Park Zoo and the eastern city limits. Contractors plan to begin working on this segment October 8, 2018.

This section of pathway will be closed during construction to allow for bridge removal/replacement and pavement repairs and is anticipated to reopen December 10, 2018.

Updates 9/17/2018

The River Trail has been paved between North Grand River And Shiawassee Street and is open to pedestrian activity. Minor restoration and some Timber Railing work will be completed this week at Adado Riverfront Park (west side).

The River Trail between Impression 5 and I-496 is ready to be paved and is currently scheduled for next Monday.

Pavement/Sidewalk removals have started near Elm Street and the River Trail is closed between Michigan Avenue and Cedar Street.

Suggested detour is City Market Drive to Cedar Street, then Cedar Street to the River Trail access at Elm Street (located east of Cedar Street).

Additionally: The soil stabilization project which involves installing a sheet pile sea-wall and pathway repair just south of Elm Street adjacent the General Motors facility has begun. This work has resulted in the closing of the River Trail between Moores Park and the River trail access from Townsend/Elm.

The contractor is aware of upcoming events and is doing their best to make sure the pathway is traversable. This does not mean the pathway will paved; however, they have been directed to make sure aggregate is in place and any significant drops are wedged as needed.

Phase 3 of the project to begin

River Trail rehab announcement

The City of Lansing Public Service Department announces that rehabilitation work along the Lansing River Trail funded by the Ingham County Parks & Trails millage is progressing on schedule. Contactors plan to begin working on the River Trail south of Michigan Avenue between Impression 5 Science Museum and I-496.

This section of pathway will be closed during construction and is anticipated to reopen September 24th.

Suggested Detour:

  • The suggested southbound detour is Saginaw Street (accessed at the City parking lot north of Saginaw Street) east to Cedar Street, then south on Cedar Street to Elm Street, then west on Elm Street to the River Trail connection.
  • The suggested northbound detour is Elm Street east to Cedar Street, then north on Cedar Street to Saginaw Street, then west on Saginaw Street to the City parking lot to access the River Trail.

Phases 1 and 2 remain closed at this time.

For more information, please contact the City of Lansing Public Service Department at 517-483-4455.

Phase two of the project to begin

The City of Lansing Public Service Department announces that rehabilitation work on the Lansing River Trail is progressing as anticipated. Phase two of the multi-phase rehabilitation project will begin on Monday, August 20. The pathways affected in phase one of the project will remain closed until September 12.

Phase two of the project will take place on the River Trail on the east and west side of the Grand River between Saginaw Street and Shiawassee Street.

The River Trail pathway will be closed on the east side of Grand River Avenue from Saginaw Street to Shiawassee Street. On the west side of the Grand River, the pathway will be closed between the pedestrian bridge over the Grand River and Shiawassee Street.

Suggested Detours:

  • Southbound Pathway Detour: East on Saginaw Street, south on Cedar Street, and east on City Market Drive to return to the River Trail.
  • Northbound Pathway Detour: Exit the River Trail to travel east on City Market Drive, then north on Cedar Street, and west on Saginaw Street to return to the River Trail.
  • Work on both sides of the Grand River is expected to be complete by September 19. Further updates will be released as work progresses.

For more information, please contact the City of Lansing Public Service Department at 517-483-4455.

River Trail rehab announcement